Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Author: Rashmi Bansal

Publisher: IIM Ahmedabad

Published: 2008


Book Review:


The book is the live narration of 25 IIM graduates who believed in the power of their dreams and became successful entrepreneurs. The author has definitely carried an intensive research and has put in much labour to get a masterpiece out.

However , it would have been wonderful if the story of non IIM entrepreneurs could have been included as well. The Tag line of the book ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ is derived from Steve Jobs speach , the founder of Apple computers and in fact A COLLEGE DROPOUT HIMSELF.

The book undoubtedly inspires but would have inspired more if there were stories of others who are successful entrepreneurs despite not be an IIM graduate. After all entrepreneurship is about believing in oneself, facing the challenge, following ones heart and having faith in ones dreams. The Institute really does not matter…….take the example of our Dhirubhai Ambani.

To get back to the book, some inspiring stories about these mavericks !

Make my trip: Deep Kalra: He realized internet was going to change lives and he wanted to do his own thing. Day was spent working at GE and night for starting his own venture. The first Venture capital funding came from Neeraj Bhargava, the managing partner of e-ventures. He inadvertently gave away 70% of his company for funding. However he bought back the company during distress sale by e Ventures and that’s when he really became an entrepreneur.

Edelweiss : Rashesh Shah: established the home grown investment bank in a decade. The idea was that post liberalisation the economy would grow and therefore Rashesh Shah plunged in. However 1995-2002 was a hard time for the Indian economy and there was’nt any business for Edelweiss. The partners paid themselves very little salary for almost 5 years and managed to stay afloat through some advisory assignments. Sanjeev Bikhchandani. The reason for starting his company was independence. You are your own boss. He ran a tiny business from the servants quarter and then success gave in and and befriended him.

Some started small, some started big, yet almost all faced downslide. But they never gave up! Every story is an inspiration for life.

A inspiring book…….

Source for book review:

Available with: Arun Sharma


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