The Bourne Identity

Author: Robert Ludlum

Publisher: Orion Books Ltd.

Published: 2004


Book Review:

The Bourne Identity

“The Bourne Identity” by Robert Ludlum is the first book in the highly popular Bourne series of spy books. It is often sold as a trilogy that includes “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Bourne Ultimatum.”

“The Bourne Identity” starts with a man’s bullet ridden body being pulled from the Mediterranean Sea. He is taken to a local doctor who nurses him back to health and since he can’t remember who he is together they try to piece together the clues that they find. They only things they discover is that his face has been altered by plastic surgery, that he knows a lot about firearms and that the microfilm implanted in him carries information about a bank account.

When he gets to the bank he finds out that his name may or may not be Jason Bourne and that he is being constantly followed and attacked. The woman he took as a hostage soon becomes his ally and together they try to find out who he really is.

Similar to the movies made from this series this book is very fast paced and full of action and it is nearly impossible to put down. One thing that sets it apart is that the reader gets to go inside the mind of Jason Bourne and experience firsthand his decision making processes.

It is highly recommended for fans of the spy genre and even for those who have seen the movies but never thought they’d enjoy these types of books.

Source for book review:

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